Research is the driving force behind all new exploration.

For SUNGLASS, every new challenge and every new application represents a great opportunity for advanced research and development and a chance to take another step down the endless road towards growth and prosperity. In-depth study of the railway and subway sector has allowed us to understand the market’s priorities and identify the best means to satisfy its needs. It also allows us to improve the sector’s performance and help it respond to the pressing demands of modernisation. At SUNGLASS, we work hand in hand with our customers to provide the consulting they need to make the right strategic and productive decisions. We also provide technical support throughout the pre-project phase to analyse different possible solutions.




SUNGLASS’ own laboratories carry out the tests needed to validate the production cycle at the FAI (First Article Inspection) stage. Product homologation is performed at accredited and experienced external laboratories.. 

The window seal test system recently installed at our new site plays a particularly important role and is used for the semi-automatic testing of production series carriage windows.