SUNGLASS already led the world in architectural glass, with a highly evolved product range, consolidated experience, and unrivalled technical know-how when we made our first moves in the railway and subway sector, back in 1995. For us, this was an exciting new challenge and the beginning of a journey destined to test the commitment to innovation that had always set us apart from the competition.
SUNGLASS began to produce thousands of windshields and windows for railway and subway rolling stock, year after year, responding to demand from leading international constructors and operators. Commitment to research and constant investment led to growing acclaim and eventually established us as international market leader in rolling stock windows.Today, between two plants, one in Villafranca Padovana (our main plant where we produce glass) and one in Campo San Martino (where we produce carriage windows) we manufacture all kinds of windshield, carriage window, glass panel and partition, luggage panel, headlight lens and even destination display for all kinds of railway, tramway and subway rolling stock. The versatility, advanced technology and safety of our solutions have gained us the reputation of a global supplier of excellence.